Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fiber: Regularity as Exercise: Amazing Sleep

Sorry to be so blunt in the title, but they are facts of life. I debated back and forth on whether or not I should mention fiber in such a way, but that was the best analogy that I could come up with. Plus, with all of the Metamucil, Plum juice (the new, public-friendly name for prune), and Activia commercials out there, I don't think our society is very bashful about regularity anymore!

But this post is more about the Exercise: Amazing Sleep part of the analogy. Who would've guessed it?! Unfortunately, I have to admit that I am not a huge fan of exercise. I spout off the same old, tired excuses: I'm too tired, I don't have the time, I don't know what to do, yadda, yadda, yadda. Well lately, I have been forcing myself to do 1/2 hour each day, at the very least. Everyone can find 30 measly minutes in their day, right? Even if it's in front of the TV, it will be better than nothing. I promise.

This is my "home gym"- it includes an Elliptical I bought a few years ago. My brother used to swear it must have cost me $100 for each use (implying I barely used it, but since then the cost per use has definitely decreased because I use it a lot more). I also have an exercise ball and a jump rope with tigers on the handle. Hey, whatever works, right?

Ever since this whole change of heart that I've had towards exercise, here is what I have noticed*:

  • I sleep WAY better- I can't believe it really; I used to find myself googling "Insomnia" at 2am wondering what in the world was wrong with me. Now, I'm lucky if I make it past 10:30pm.

  • My skin is radiant- OK, maybe I'm exaggerating just a bit. I mean, I'm no Nicole Kidman, but it has definitely cleared up and feels a lot better.

  • My body feels better- I used to be sore all of the time, but in a bad way. Now, when I do get sore from the exercise, it's in a great way! I actually like muscle soreness after a workout because it lets me know I did something and it reminds me to keep it up! Keep in mind, this type of soreness doesn't always occur (like if you just went walking), but the activity is still beneficial!

  • I have more energy- Many people fall victim to the vicious cycle of not working out and having no energy. If you have no energy, how can you get off the couch and exercise after a long day of work? It may sounds crazy, but exercise will actually give you more energy than ever before. It might be hard the first few times, but after a while (not too long) you will find that you have more energy to get you through your workday. I recommend that you visually see yourself breaking this cycle. Go ahead- karate chop it and count that as your first little bit of exercise (Ha!).

With Spring well on it's way (I hope), it is a great time to decide to get active. In fact, I hear a Spring bird right now! Another benefit of exercise is that it often motivates and reminds us to eat clean, healthy foods. I am still trying to get acclimated to blogging, but you are going to start seeing more recipes and ideas for healthy meals and snacks soon!

*I do not have a degree in Exercise Science, nor am I a personal trainer. If you have questions about physical activity I would recommend visiting Erin Kurdyla's Fresh Fitness Tips blog over at I actually asked a question over there in the past and she gave a very lovely, detailed response!

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