Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Colors Duke, The Colors!!!

...I'm Colorblind Kid.

Do you remember this commercial?


This morning I went around and took a few pictures of some of the vibrant colors in the yard.
FYI- I just figured out how to change the font color- pretty cool, huh? I guess I have never actually needed it or looked for it before.

Getting back to the whole yard colors thing, I have to say that this year--more than ever--I noticed a HUGE difference in the appearance of the yard in very little time. What I mean by that is, it wasn't long ago that the grass was brown, the trees were bare, and in a word it just looked lifeless. Now everything is bright, colorful, fresh, and full of life!
I know I am getting carried away with the colored words- I promise I won't over-do it in future posts!

No one in my family remembers this plant ever blossoming like this before- Beautiful!!


On the left they are hiding behind a bush and on the right they appear to be looking through a peep-hole. They seem to be up to something...

I like how the "leafy things" in back
are shining through. Can you tell
I'm not a gardener?

While we are on the topic of Color, I might as well mention how important it is to eat a variety of colors. This is a great way to get all of the nutrients and antioxidants your body needs.

Try to plan your meals around color- hospitals, restaurants, and catering companies all plan their menus according to color, texture, and shape (along with taste, of course!).

Let's say, for example, that you are planning a meal of pork chops, applesauce, and baked potatoes. BORING!! Where is the color? You can change it by doing pork chops, a baked sweet potato, and broccoli. Add a nice colorful salad and you've got yourself a bright and healthy meal!

Now go out and Taste the Rainbow- in the form of fruits and vegetables, not Skittles!

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