Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ball Dropper

I can't believe I already dropped the ball on Make-me-laugh-Monday! I guess it doesn't have to be every week, but that was my plan, so I apologize! This week it will have to be Tell-me-a-joke-Tuesday.

When my brother was little he wanted to be a Comedian. Looking back on old home videos, I can see why because he sure was a ham! Here are some jokes he told when he was 8 years old on a video we recently watched:
  • A guy went into a restaurant and asked the waiter what soups they had that day. The waiter said they had Chicken soup and Pea soup. The man ordered Chicken Soup. Later, he decided to ask the waiter to change his order to Pea Soup so the waiter went in to the kitchen and said to the Chef, "Hold the Chicken and make it Pea!"
  • A tourist went up to a park ranger and asked if he ever had any accidents. The ranger told him, "No, but a snake once bit me and a horse once kicked me." The tourist asked, "Well, don't you call those accidents?" and the ranger replied, "No those critters meant to do that!"
  • What Kind of fish is rich?

A goldfish!

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