Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Yesterday's Promise

Yesterday I said that I would post today about an awesome drink that is easy, refreshing, and healthy. It's perfect for the warm Spring/Summer days just around the corner! With temps in the 70's here in Cincinnati, I might just have to whip up a glass.

I hope you weren't anticipating a recipe for an elaborate, bubbly cocktail that you can sip from a champagne flute at a garden party, pinky in air. That's not my style. In fact, this is not a recipe at all. It is just a simple idea that I received from the same Dietitian that introduced me to Salmon Burgers.

Green Tea Iced Tea. Simple. Healthy. Refreshing. Delicious. Cheap.

Drink this, not that

That's all you have to do is buy your favorite green tea and steep- If you do not have a favorite, try Bigelow- it's awesome! They even have different flavors, such as Green Tea with Pomegranate and Green Tea with Lemon, but I really don't like flavored tea so I stick with the plain.
The directions for iced tea are on the box. If I am making just one glass, I steep 1 tea bag in a few ounces of hot water in a heat-safe glass- it creates a concentrate (sort of like juice). After about 5 minutes or so (when it has imparted flavor and cooled) I fill the glass with cold water, add ice, and stand in awe yet again at how good this is! Hot green tea doesn't excite me, so I am surprised every time when I like it cold.
Here's to drinking to good health!


  1. I've been doing the iced tea thing a lot lately, but with just plain old decaf lipton. My grandma used to make it for me when I was a kid, so there's something about it that reminds me of childhood. The only difference is that she made hers with sugar, and all I add to mine is a lemon, but its still so good and I can't believe that it's so healthy!

  2. Yeah, it seems like a lot of older people like sweet tea, but I hate it, which is weird considering the fact that I'm a sugar addict!