Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cheese. (That's a catchy enough title, right?)

I'm probably the only human being on earth that doesn't like to eat a straight-up chunk of cheese. I went to Costco (which by the way is my new favorite place) with my friend yesterday and of course there were samples. I usually don't take samples at Sam's club because of the swarms of people around the poor old ladies usually doing the sampling. Either Costco patrons don't take part in the act of competitive eating, or we were there at a good time, because the sample tables were empty. We tried a chunk of aged cheddar cheese that I could tell would be good on a cracker or grilled cheese sandwich, but just not as a naked chunk (that sounds bad!). I felt bad throwing half away, but I just couldn't do it.

Anyway, along the same cheesy theme, I just found a website I'd like to share. It's called and is the site of the American Dairy Association. After just a little browsing, I can tell there is a plethora (great word) of information about cheese. There is a cheese guide, entertaining ideas, food and wine pairing tips, recipes, and more. Even I--a cracker girl--can appreciate this site!
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  1. I don't like eating chunks of cheese either. It has to go with at least bread or crackers.

    P.S. A great way to liven up any tomato based soup is to top it with goat cheese. So yummy!

  2. Goat cheese is the best!! Well, maybe besides brie...those are my 2 favorites. I'm going to have to try the goat cheese in tomato soup though because it sounds awesome!