Saturday, March 28, 2009

Save My Fingers!!

I keep mentioning how Spring in finally here, yaada, yaada, yaada and now today, it's cold and dreary. What kind of a cruel joke is this?! My friend Kristen said it was because she broke her shorts and tees out of storage, so it's all her fault!!

For whatever reason---probably because I'm so cold my fingers are about to fall off---I don't feel like doing a long post. I am going to post a tribute to food using some of my favorite food pictures I have taken. I hope you enjoy them and I promise I will post something more interesting soon!

Here they are in no particular order because I am running out of time before I freeze to death...

  1. Sourdough bread in which I scored "N" for my brother, Nino
  2. Romanesco- an amazing looking cruciferous vegetable

  1. My wedding cake; well, not mine from my wedding (I'm not even close to marriage!)- I just decorated it for school
  2. Doughnut from Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland that looks like my dad

  1. Pimientos de Padron from Viridian Farms in Portland
  2. Brioche we made in school; they look like ET during construction

  1. An AWESOME Italian Plum
  2. I envy the skill of this latte craftsman/woman

  1. I believe pears and figs were created specially for me
  2. Butter Braids- they taste better than they sound...

  1. Yellow tomato and Purple Pepper *Fun fact: I almost named my blog "Purple Pepper Eater" in honor of this rare pepper, but found that other people had post titles with similar names and I wanted to be original.
  2. The morning of my exam to become a Registered Dietitian, I ate half of a peanut butter sandwich with Skippy on white bread (blah!) because that's what my mom ate before she passed her nursing boards (apparently it's a nursing tradition). It worked!!

Have a great Saturday, with or without sunshine!!!

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  1. by the way, it was a man who made our artistic looking lattes at the northwest coffee house. i'm kinda sad we only went there once. i mean what are the chances that an amazing coffee shop like that, that was even mentioned in a magazine for its awesome-ness, would be right under my apartment building. but now i remember that it was totally expensive and i was on a budget and could get an extra 8 oz for only 10 more cents at the starbucks across the street. i really miss all that farmers market produce. i always felt like such a good person when i ate it. not to mention healthy and portland-esque.