Monday, March 9, 2009

Make-Me-Laugh Monday!

Oh man, I almost wrote a completely different post until I remembered it was Monday!! Now you will just have to wait until tomorrow to read about the healthy, easy, refreshing drink idea I was going to share!

Hmm, how can I make you laugh today? Personally, I LOVE to laugh and find that I laugh at almost anything. Don't get me wrong, I don't go around handing out free pity laughs, but I am also not shy when it comes to belting out a good laugh.

I have already mentioned my love of comedian Demetri Martin. If you haven't been watching his new show Important Things With Demetri Martin you have really been missing out!

Another all-time favorite of mine is Andy Samberg of Saturday Night Live. For several years after cast members like Will Ferrell and Cheri Oteri left the show, SNL just wasn't very funny. Now, I feel like it has it's spunk back, and it is largely due to Andy Samberg (in my opinion).

Here is one of my favorite "Digital Shorts" created by Andy and his friends. There are a lot more on, but as you may know, some of them are just a weee bit inappropriate! I decided to keep this one clean, but it's still hilarious- Happy Monday!

*By the way, Chronicles of Narnia (Lazy Sunday) is my all-time favorite, but there is one bleeped cuss-word so I didn't want to put it on here. I recommend you check it out on your own!


  1. that one was pretty good. and i agree, the 'lazy sunday' one is pretty amazing. but my favorite of his is the 'j*zz in my pants', its a bit inappropriate but totally worth it. of course nothing is better than the classic snl skits like 'celebrity jeopardy' and 'el nino' with chris farley. you should check those out if you havent seen them.

  2. Oh yes, Celebrity Jeopardy is awesome! I haven't seen 'el nino' though. I'm going to look it up right now! I love Chris Farley and my brother's name is Nino, so it only makes sense.